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Granular chicken manure organic fertilizer production process

Producing granular chicken manure organic fertilizer involves an additional step of pelletizing or granulating the composted material. Here is an overview of the process:

Collection and Storage: Collect fresh chicken manure from poultry farms, ensuring it is free from contaminants and bedding materials. Store the manure in a covered area or composting facility to prevent leaching and odors.

Pre-treatment: Remove any large debris or foreign objects from the chicken manure using screens or sieves. Compost the manure for several weeks to reduce pathogens and weed seeds.

Grinding and Mixing: Grind the dried manure into a fine powder using a hammer mill, grinder, or similar equipment. Optionally, mix the ground manure with other organic materials to improve nutrient content and balance nutrient ratios.
Fermentation:Transfer the ground manure to a composting area. Adjust moisture content and C/N ratio if needed, aiming for a C/N ratio of 25-30:1. Turn the pile regularly for proper aeration and decomposition.
Maintain a temperature between 50-70°C (122-158°F) for a few weeks to promote microbial activity and breakdown of organic matter. This fermentation process converts the raw materials into stable organic matter, eliminating pathogens and weed seeds.

Granulation: After fermentation, the composted material is ready for granulation. Use a granulator machine to convert the compost into granules or pellets. The granulator machine typically includes a rotating drum or plate with an agitator that shapes the compost into uniform-sized granules. Add a small amount of water or a binder, such as clay or starch, during the granulation process to improve pellet strength and durability.
Drying and Cooling: After granulation, the moist granules need to be dried to remove excess moisture and prevent clumping. Use a rotary dryer or similar equipment to dry the granules, reducing their moisture content to around 10-15%.
Once dried, cool the granules to room temperature using a cooler machine to enhance their stability and prevent moisture absorption.
Screening and Packaging: Screen the dried and cooled granules to remove any oversized or undersized particles. Grade the granules into different sizes according to market requirements. Package the granular chicken manure organic fertilizer in bags or bulk containers, ensuring proper labeling and storage instructions.
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