Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Powder Water-soluble Fertilizer Production Line

Suitable raw materials: Macronutrients and medium elements

(ammonium nitrate, phosphate, potassium sulfate, etc.),

Micronutrients (boron, zinc, iron, copper, manganese,

molybdenum, etc.), etc.
Capacity: 1-20t/h
Applicable industries: Agriculture, horticulture, environmental

protection, agricultural product processing and bioenergy, etc.


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The powder water-soluble fertilizer production line is an automated equipment system designed for producing water-soluble powdered fertilizers, suitable for agriculture, horticulture, and other industries. Its main function is to process various solid raw materials through crushing and mixing procedures to create high-quality powdered water-soluble fertilizers.

Production Process

1.Raw Material Preparation:
Select standard-compliant macronutrients (such as ammonium nitrate, phosphate, potassium sulfate), micronutrients (such as boron, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, molybdenum), and other auxiliary materials (such as anti-caking agents, solubilizers).
For raw materials, especially mineral-based ones, use a crusher to pulverize them to a certain particle size for better mixing and improved solubility.
Screen the crushed materials using a vibrating screen to remove oversized particles and impurities, resulting in fine, uniform powder.
Accurately weigh each raw material according to the pre-designed fertilizer formula to ensure the nutrient ratios of the final product are correct.
Add the various raw materials into a mixer in the specified proportions. Use mechanical stirring to ensure thorough and uniform mixing, ensuring consistent nutrient content in every batch of fertilizer.
5.Quality Control and Packaging
Perform sample testing on the produced powdered water-soluble fertilizer to confirm its solubility, nutrient content, pH value, and other standards.
Package the qualified product in specified weights using moisture-proof and light-resistant materials to ensure the fertilizer’s stability during storage and transportation.


1. The system adopts computer PLC control system with high degree of automation and labor saving.
2. The main body adopts three-dimensional structure closed design, quick installation connection, less material storage, no blockage, easy to clean.
3. Equipped with dust removal facilities and dust-free packaging, in line with environmental assessment requirements.
4. The back end of the system can be equipped with automatic packaging, boxing and palletizing equipment.


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