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Common compost methods

1. According to the level of mechanization, there are open air natural composting and mechanized composting. According to whether oxygen is required, there are two types of aerobic composting (aerobic state) and anaerobic composting (anaerobic state). By composting temperature is divided into high temperature composting and medium temperature composting. However, everyone usually distinguishes between aerobic composting and anaerobic composting.

Groove Type Compost Turner (3)
2. The modern composting process is basically aerobic composting. This is because aerobic composting needs high temperature and the organic matters are decomposed thoroughly. It also has the advantages of short composting cycle and low odor. And the fermentation equipment can be used. Anaerobic composting uses anaerobic microorganisms to complete the decomposition reaction. The air is isolated from the compost. The temperature is relatively low and the process is relatively simple. The amount of nitrogen stored in the product is relatively large, but the composting cycle is too long, and the product contains impurities that are not sufficiently decomposed.
As long as the chicken manure and pig manure of the farm are fermented and decomposed, it is qualified manure. It is emphasized that everyone pays attention to the fermentation process, and at the same time, choose the right organic fertilizer turning machine. Welcome to contact us for details.



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