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Compared with powdered organic fertilizer, what are the advantages of granular organic fertilizer?

The organic fertilizer granulation production line can process the fertilizer into granules. Fertilizer granulation is an important process in the organic fertilizer production line, and the quality of the granulation affects the quality of the final finished fertilizer. Why should the fertilizer be made into granules in the production of organic fertilizer, and what are the advantages of granular organic fertilizer compared with powder?
1. Fertilizers with very low water solubility are usually ground into small particles to ensure that they are effectively and quickly dissolved in the soil and absorbed by plants.

2. The control of fertilizer particle size is very important for the storage and transportation of fertilizers. Good granulation makes the organic fertilizer not easy to agglomerate and has better performance during transport.
3. Some inorganic ingredients can be added to the granular organic fertilizer production line to improve the fertilizer efficiency of organic fertilizers, while powdered fertilizers are easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate if inorganic ingredients are added.
4. Granular fertilizer play the role of slow release of fertilizer efficacy, and it is convenient to apply fertilizer and is not easy to be scattered by the wind.
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