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Detailed steps of fermenting cow dung

1. Material ratio: main materials (cow dung) account for 70%, auxiliary materials (straw powder, sawdust, rice husk, mushroom residue, etc., moisture content not more than 12%) account for 30%, fermentation agent (addition ratio 1:5000KG)
2. Proliferating agent: take out some auxiliary materials and mix with starter according to the ratio of 1:30, and stir evenly.
3. Mixed materials: Mix livestock and poultry manure and auxiliary materials in a weight ratio of 7:3, then evenly sprinkle the organic fertilizer starter treated in step 2 on the fermentation material, and then stir to make it uniform.
4. Moisture control: according to the actual situation, use compost turner to adjust and turn over the material uniform, and finally control the moisture of the fermented material at 50-60%. Judgment of moisture content: Grab a handful of materials, see the watermark but not dripping water, and it is appropriate to disperse when it falls.

Groove Type Compost Turner (3)
5. Pile-building and fermentation: The materials are stacked in the shape of stacks and can be arranged into multiple parallel stacks. The cross-sectional shape of the stacks is usually triangular or trapezoidal, with a height of 1.5-3.0m and a width of 4-6m. The moisture content of the pile after mixing is 50-60%. ); if there is a fermentation cylinder, the fermentation cylinder can be used directly.
6. Turning the heap: After about 3 days of composting, turn the heap once. When the temperature of the material reaches 60-70 °C for about 1-2 days, turn the heap again. After turning the heap, the temperature of the material is raised to about 70-80 °C again. It lasts for 1-2 days, the color becomes dark brown, and the smell is slightly acidic.
7.Screening and packaging: when the moisture is reduced to about 20%-30%, screening and packaging. The compost can also be processed into granules.
There are many types of fermentation equipment: moving type fermentation turning machine, groove type fermentation turning machine and crawler type fermentation turning machine. These can be selected according to the actual needs.Different models and configurations is different price, welcome to contact us for details.Welcome to contact us for details.



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