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Five advantages of the automatic batching system of organic fertilizer equipment

1. It is computer batching system.
2. The automatic batching system can be matched with the man-machine graphic control interface to control the whole plant process.
3. The automatic batching system can control a variety of raw materials, and it has the feature of fast and slow multi-stage feeding control.
4. We can plan and design various feeding systems and various types of valves according to the characteristics of raw materials.
5. The automatic batching system can store hundreds of formulas, and the corresponding formula can be called up when applying, which is easy to operate and maintain.

Dynamic Batching Machine
This automatic batching system is used for weighing, distributing and mixing a variety of raw materials, which is the main part of the complete set of fertilizer production equipment. Our automatic batching system is an automatic batching device that can be used with BB fertilizer equipment and compound fertilizer equipment. And it can complete automatic proportioning according to customer needs. What is the price of an automatic batching system? Welcome to contact us.



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