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Function And Characteristic of Earthworm Manure

Be rich in microbial flora, improve crop disease resistance and disease prevention, and protect land ecological environment.

After a large number of beneficial microorganisms in the manure organic fertilizer are applied to the soil, the breeding of the harmful bacteria is quickly inhibited, the beneficial bacteria can be propagated and expanded, the occurrence of soil-borne diseases is reduced, the crops are not easily ill, and the ability of nitrogen fixation, potassium dissolving and phosphorus dissolution of the roots for the plants are increased. The metabolism of a large number of microorganisms can improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, make the soil components diversified and easily absorbed, and produce the bioenergy of soil fertility formation and development, improve the energy of soil energy conversion between organic matter and inorganic matter, and protect the land ecological environment.

Be rich in humic acid, regulate soil pH, improve soil fertility.

The organic acid content of sorghum manure is between 21% and 40%, and contains a variety of digestive enzymes and bacterial substances that neutralize soil pH, which can increase the activity of soil neutral phosphate, protease, urease and invertase, so as to improve the fertilizer supply capacity of the soil, improve the soil structure and balance the ph, ultimately reflecting crop growth, yield and quality.



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