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How does the disc granulator production line produce cow manure organic fertilizer?

1. Ratio of raw materials: 500 kg of cow dung + 300 kg of auxiliary materials + 200 kg of bacterial residue + 100 g of bacterial agent. This formula can also use other livestock and poultry manure.
2. Making piles: According to the requirements of the above mentioned raw material ratio, the piles are carried out. The length is not limited. The width is 4m and the height is 2m.
3. Adding bacterial agent: The ratio is 1:5. After mixing the fermentation agent and bacterial residue evenly, you should spread it on the surface of the pile.
4. Stirring and fermentation: After the temperature rises above 60℃, you should turn the piles by using crawler type compost turner every 4-5 days.
5. Screening and crushing: Fermented organic fertilizer raw materials according to the above steps, after screening and deep crushing, become powdery organic fertilizer.

Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Production Line
6. Granulation: Granulating the fermented powder with a disc granulator.
7. Drying, cooling and packaging: The prepared particles have a large moisture content and need to be dried to less than 20% of the organic fertilizer standard, and then packaged directly after cooling.
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