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How to Deal with Manure in The Farm?

Compost Fermentation

Choosing a well-ventilated and elevated area to pile up chicken manure, an then the outside is sealed with mud. Generally, about 10 days in summer and about 2 months in winter.

Multi-strain Two-step Fermentation

Chicken manure will become biological organic fertilizer after two-step fermentation(aerobic in the early stage and compost in the late stage), which is widely used in a variety of crops, being the high quality fertilizer for pollution-free, green and organic products.

Hot Spraying Feed Method

Through the treatment of hot spraying equipment, the fresh pure chicken manure can provide a great deal of nutritional value, which can be used as protein feed to replace part of soybean meal.

Fermentation Feed Method

Fresh pure chicken manure, added a small amount of wheat bran, cake meal, fermentation bacteria and other auxiliary materials, and then through  the processing of compost equipment, can completely change the nutritional value to become an excellent protein source.




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