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How to judge the quality of organic fertilizer equipment?

With the continuous emergence of organic fertilizer production equipment, there are more and more varieties of organic fertilizer production equipment. However, with so many organic fertilizer production equipment, how should consumers judge the quality of the device when purchasing it?
1. Look at the final fertilizer product: The two products of organic fertilizer processing, powdered organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer, both have particle size standards, and the size of the particle size within the range indicates indicates that the organic fertilizer equipment is more reliable.

2. Look at the details of machines: Check the appearance of the organic fertilizer equipment, the fineness of the surface treatment, the treatment of welding, the treatment of riveting, etc. From the outside, the appearance of the junction is tight and meshed.
3. Listening to the sound of machines: The organic fertilizer equipment can be tested during the inspection stage. During the testing process, check the sound is whether natural, continuous and regular. The natural sound means the reliability of the equipment is relatively high.
4. Distinguish its smell: During the production of fertilizer equipment, after passing through the dust collector, there is basically no strange smell in the room, such as the pungent smell such as the dust smell produced by granulation, which shows that the environmental protection is good.
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