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How to process animal manure into organic fertilizer?

There are many choices of animal manure that can be processed into organic fertilizer, such as: pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, chicken manure, pigeon manure, etc. The organic matter content and microelement content in these animal manures are all required by the soil and crops.
To process animal manure into organic fertilizer, firstly, you should determine whether to produce granular fertilizer or powdered fertilizer. The two different types of fertilizers require different processing equipment.
The equipment needed to process powdered organic fertilizers are fermentation equipment, semi-wet material shredder, belt conveyor, rotary drum screening machine and weighing and packaging machine.

The equipment needed to process granular organic fertilizer includes organic fertilizer compost turning machine, semi-wet material grinder, belt conveyor, automatic batching machine, mixer, granulator, rounding machine, dryer, cooling machine, rotary drum screening machine, film coating machine and packaging machine.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
The manure is processed into organic fertilizer.The fermentation is a very important step. After making the manure into a compost pile and sprinkling the starter and auxiliary materials, you can make turning and fermentation treatment with a wheel type compost turner or a groove type compost turner.



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