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Introduction of groove aerobic fermentation

Groove aerobic fermentation is currently the most effective method for processing animal manure. It is also suitable for commercial production of organic fertilizer, which is conducive to standardized production.
Groove aerobic fermentation uses biological characteristics combined with groove type compost turner to completely decompose animal manure and convert organic matter into organic matter, carbon dioxide and water by using natural microorganisms or inoculated microorganisms. This method takes a short fermentation time. The animal manure can be completely fermented and decomposed in about 15 days. And it’s easy to achieve factory-scale production. It’s also not affected by the weather and seasons and less pollution to the environment, which is conducive to the commercial production of animal manure organic fertilizer.

Groove Type Compost Turner (4)
Depending on the groove type compost equipment, the width of the fermentation tank is generally 3-20m, the depth is generally 0.8-1.5m, and the length is 50-100m, which can be designed according to actual conditions. Welcome to contact us for details.



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