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Introduction to the requirements and proportion of organic fertilizer raw materials and auxiliary materials

When producing organic fertilizer, it is necessary to grasp the combination of raw and auxiliary materials, otherwise it will produce poor quality organic fertilizer. This is a very critical step. The following will introduce the raw materials and auxiliary materials requirements of organic fertilizer.
Organic fertilizer raw materials and auxiliary materials:
1. Raw material: livestock and poultry manure from farms.
2. Auxiliary materials: waste materials such as sawdust, rice bran powder and mushroom residue.

Crawler Type Compost Turner (1)
Organic fertilizer raw materials requirements:
1. The manure moisture should be controlled below 85 percent and the manure should not be mixed with other obvious impurities.
2. The auxiliary materials should have good water absorption and water retention. The particle size should not be larger than 2cm, and no large and hard lumps should be entrained.
Process requirements for organic fertilizer ratio:
1. Raw materials: C/N is controlled at 23-28.
2. Moisture content: The moisture content of pig manure after proportioning is controlled at 52-68%.
3. The bulk density is controlled at 0.4-0.8g/cm3.
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