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Is organic fertilizer good in granular or powder?

Organic fertilizers have been used more and more in recent years, and they have become more and more popular with agricultural planting practitioners.The finished organic fertilizer is usually divided into powder and granular. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two forms of organic fertilizer?
First of all, the effect is the same whether it is granular or powder. There is a saying in the market that a lot of beneficial bacteria will be loss during the granulation and drying process. The bio-organic fertilizer after granulation is not as effective as powdery, and the cost is high. That statement is wrong.
Before the process of granulating, the organic fertilizer is actually crushed into powder by a pulverizer, and then they are further processed into organic fertilizer particles. However, there is more than one way to granulate, and some granulation methods need to go through high temperature, such as rotary drum granulation.

Disc Fertilizer Granulator
It should be noted that the process of producing granular bio-organic fertilizer at high temperature generally does not put the addition of bacteria before the high temperature link, that is, after the powdered organic matter is granulated, the microbial inoculant is sprayed on the surface of the particles. It can not only ensure the granulation of the organic fertilizer, but also maintain the survival rate of the bacteria. There are also some physical granulation processes that do not require high temperatures, such as disc granulation, so that even if the microbial agent is directly added to the powdered organic matter, the number and activity of the microorganisms will not be destroyed after granulation.
Benefits of granular organic fertilizer:
1. Not susceptible to dampness and lumps
2. Not easy to be blown away by the wind
Benefits of powdered organic fertilizer:
1. Faster integration with soil and better absorption
2. There is no need to decompose for a long time, and it can full contact with the root system.



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