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Organic fertilizer coating equipment can prevent fertilizer from caking

Fertilizer coating machine is a kind of equipment designed to solve the problem of stacking, rewetting and caking of granular fertilizer. The main machine is lined with polypropylene, which is anti-corrosive and durable.
The coating machine adopts the spraying process that spray a special liquid material or combined with solid powder. When the finished particles flow evenly into the rotating coating machine, first the compressed air and a nozzle to spray the prepared oily mixed coating agent on the surface of the particles, therefore the particles has a uniform protective film. This effectively prevents the salt bridge effect and moisture absorption on the surface of the fertilizer, and at the same time improves the surface brightness of the particles. And it can prolong the role of fertilizer in the soil. This process can also appropriately add some trace elements to improve the fertilizer efficiency.

Coating Machine
After fermenting through a grove-type compost turner or a wheel-type compost turning machine, the disc granulator is used. And then the granules are smooth and compact after processing by the coating machine. There are many types of equipment for manufacturing fertilizers, and different organic fertilizer processing equipment plans need to be formulated according to the different materials and capacity. Welcome to contact us for specific information.



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