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Pollution sources of organic fertilizer plant and corresponding treatment methods

Most raw materials of the organic fertilizer are waste and perishable substances. There are harmful gases like ammonia during the storage and fermentation of raw materials. Some odors, even if there is no health hazard, still have an impact and influence on people’s spirit or mood. In the production of organic fertilizer, it can use the activities of microorganisms to transform odor to achieve the purpose of deodorization. This method has a small investment and it is easy to operate. It is recommended that organic fertilizer manufacturers make closed material warehouses, fermentation workshops, and secondary aging workshops when conditions permit, so as to reduce the leakage of odor and harmful gases during the conversion process.
Many materials of organic fertilizer contain a lot of water, such as pig manure, cow manure, chicken manure and other materials. In the process of material accumulation and fermentation, waste liquid will flow out and enter the underground to pollute the groundwater. Therefore, it is necessary to perform cement hardening and anti-seepage treatment on the ground of the fermentation workshop.

Compound(NPK) Fertilizer Production Line
Dust pollution is the primary pollution that it needs to be treated with care. There are many links where dust pollution occurs.
(1) Unloading the raw materials into the warehouse and transporting in different workshops
(2) Turning and throwing raw materials
(3) Crushing materials
(4) Drying and cooling fertilizer particles
Many organic fertilizer manufacturers will make dust removal rooms in their production workshops, and use induced draft fans and dust collectors to deal with dust problems. Although dust is a source of pollution, these dust are all derived from organic fertilizer materials. After being collected, they can be added to the materials and fermented to continue to produce organic fertilizer.
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