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Specific Function of Organic Fertilizer

Effects on Soil Fertility

Physical property: The quality of soil physical property is directly related to the capacity of soil nutrient supply. Many studies have shown that applying organic fertilizer can improve the physical property of soil. Specifically, long-term application of organic fertilizer can increase the soil granule structure, enhance air permeability, enhance the capacity of retaining water, and decrease soil bulk density.

Chemical property: Applying organic fertilizer for a long time can activate soil nutrient, improve the content of soil nutrient, enhance the ability of soil fertilizer supply, and regulate soil PH value and soil electric conductivity.

Biological property: Soil microorganism can reflect that the material metabolism in soil is in high or low periods, which is also an important index of soil fertility. Applying organic fertilizer can can improve the activity of enzyme in soil and microbial living environment.

Hazardous substance: Applying organic fertilizer can increase and renew the content of soil organic matter, which will greatly improve the absorption capacity of soil, so that the toxic substances in the soil can be removed or their toxicity can be reduced.

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