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The comparison between groove type compost turner and crawler type compost turner

The advantages of groove type compost turner
1. It is easy to collect the odor emitted by the material and without secondary pollution.
2. The height of the materials that can be stacked in the groove is relatively high, which can save the fermentation space.
3. The degree of automation and intelligence is high, and the fermentation workshop can be unattended.
However, it needs to build fermentation groove and ventilation equipment, so the initial investment is higher than others. Therefore, this type of fermentation is suitable for large-scale organic fertilizer plants with large capacity.

Groove Type Compost Turner (4)
The advantages of the crawler type compost turner
1. There is no need to build a fermentation groove and the investment is small. And the fermentation site only needs to be on the flat ground.
2. The driver can operate in real time, which is flexible and convenient.
The disadvantage is that the pile fermentation has poor thermal insulation effect in winter, and it is not suitable for northern regions without special construction of fermentation workshops.



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