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The most indispensable organic fertilizer crusher in the organic fertilizer production line

Semi-wet material crusher is one of the indispensable links in the organic fertilizer production line. It is a new type of high-efficiency single-rotor reversible crusher, which has strong adaptability to the material with high moisture. It can convert the decomposed waste after fermentation or the materials that moisture content is below30% into powder, which can meet the granularity requirements of general fertilizer granulation equipment. It is suitable for crushing straw, animal manure, organic matter and other materials.The degree of crushing can also be adjusted within a certain range according to user needs.

Semi Wet Material Crushe
This semi-wet material crusher has been repeatedly researched, improved, and carefully manufactured with years of production experience. It can solve the problem of crushing high-water organic matter. The successful development of this machine has played a key role in shortening the process of fertilizer and compost production and reducing investment.
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