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What are the requirements for making granular organic fertilizer?

Organic fertilizer is a spherical particle. The fertilizer granulator plays a huge role in the production process of organic fertilizer. The process of making organic fertilizer pellets is very complicated. The granulation process includes fermentation-crushing-mixing-granulation-polishing-drying-cooling-screening-packaging.
What are the requirements for making granular organic fertilizer?
1. Raw materials: The raw materials of organic fertilizer are also very wide, such as crop straw, soybean meal, animal manure, distilled grains, sugar residue, etc. These materials must be alcohol first, and some nutrients can be appropriately added during the fermentation process to improve the efficiency of granular fertilizers, which is the need for crops.

2. Moisture: Generally, the granulation is dried, and the moisture requirement is about 15%, and then different granulators are selected according to the different characteristics of the material.
3. Organic fertilizer equipment: The new organic fertilizer granulator is suitable for materials with high adhesion.
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