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What does the complete organic fertilizer production equipment include?

There are many kinds of organic fertilizer production equipment, but the main ones are the difference in function and output. Let’s take a look at what a complete organic fertilizer production equipment includes. The more commonly used devices are:
Fermentation turning machine: Fermentation turning machine is also divided into groove turning turning machine and self-propelled turning turning machine. It is mainly used for fermentation, deodorization and sterilization.
Organic fertilizer pulverizer: The most common pulverizers are vertical pulverizers and semi-wet pulverizers, which are mainly used to pulverize fermented raw materials.
Feeder: The function of the feeder is to temporarily store the material, and then connect it to the production line.
Organic fertilizer mixer: The most common are vertical mixers and horizontal mixers, which are mainly used for mixing raw materials and auxiliary materials to make the distribution of organic matter more uniform. When adding trace elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it is fully stirred. And the material is more uniform, which is suitable for the stirring of common organic fertilizer materials.
Granulator: The most common are roller extrusion granulator, disc granulator and drum granulator. And the variety of granulator should be determined according to the raw materials.

Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Organic fertilizer dryer and cooler: The dryer dries the excess water in the organic fertilizer particles, which is convenient for material storage and not easy to deteriorate. The cooler cools down the organic fertilizer granules in time to facilitate and quickly enter the next process.
Screening machine: The most common are rotary drum screening machine and vibrating screening machine. It is to screen out oversized particles that need to be re-crushed and re-granulated. The powdery material is returned to the granulation process for re-granulation, and the qualified particles are retained to pass through the belt.
Coating machine: Add a layer of coating agent on the surface of the particles, so that the appearance of the particles is more round and beautiful, and the quality is better, which is convenient for the permanent retention of materials without caking and deterioration.
Automatic packaging machine: The particles are automatically packed into bags according to the set weight, which improve efficiency, maintain particle quality and save labor.
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