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What factors will affect the fermentation of organic fertilizer?

Moisture is an indispensable factor for microbial activity. In the aerobic fermentation process, the suitable percentage of moisture is 60%-70%. Too high or low percentage of moisture will affect the activities of aerobic microorganisms.
Temperature is an important indicator showing the degree of microbial activity in aerobic fermentation. And the occurrence of high temperature indicates that the fermentation process is working well.

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The pH has an important influence on the activity of microorganisms and the preservation of nitrogen. During fermentation, a large amount of ammonium nitrogen is generated, which increases the pH and the whole fermentation process is in an alkaline environment. The adverse effect of high PH environment is mainly to increase the loss of nitrogen. You can add auxiliary materials such as straw, sawdust and bran to promote the biological fixation of nitrogen and reduce the mineralization rate of nitrogen in the main material during the fermentation process and the volatilization loss of ammonium nitrogen.
C/N is an important nutrient condition for microbial activities. A suitable C/N is 20-30 for microbial reproduction, which is usually suitable for organic fertilizer fermentation.
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