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Why can’t unfermented chicken manure be used?

1. When the unfermented chicken manure is applied to the soil, it will release methane, ammonia and other toxic gases during the process of fermentation and decomposition. Under the condensation of water vapor, they will be gathered on the leaf, which will damage the leaves!
2. If the chicken manure is not fermented, it will be fermented in the soil. We all know that the fermentation is an exothermic process, so the temperature is higher, which is undoubtedly fatal to the newly planted seedlings and the root is “scorched.” The phenomenon of dead plants will naturally appear.

groove type compost turner
3.When the unfermented chicken manure is fermented in the soil, the decomposition of organic matter will consume the oxygen in the soil. Therefore, the roots of crops are in an oxygen-deficient state and the growth of plants will be inhibited.
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