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Why don’t fermented chicken manure and cow manure heat up?

1. The moisture content of fermented organic fertilizer exceeds the standard.
The water of some animal dung is excessive when they are released, such as pig manure and cow manure, among which cow manure is more obvious. Cows are herbivorous animals, and the manure contains a lot of cellulose, which is not conducive to heating and fermentation. Pig manure mainly contains too much water, and it is necessary to add straw, chaff, etc. to reduce the water content. If the moisture is not reduced, it is generally difficult to heat up and ferment successfully.
2. Do not pay attention to the addition of auxiliary materials
Auxiliary materials are what we often refer to as straw, chaff, grain, wheat bran, etc. On the one hand, these materials are used to adjust the moisture content of the material, and on the other hand, they can also be used to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio, especially when it is fermented chicken manure and other materials, the effect of adding straw is better.

groove type compost turner
3. The fermentation operation method is wrong.
Generally, we recommend the use of aerobic fermentation. It is generally not recommended to cover unless there are strong winds and rains. It can be properly covered with straw. When fermenting compost, it needs to be stacked at a certain height, which is about 1 meter or more. If the material is small, it is difficult to heat up, and the fermentation is difficult to succeed.After the fermentation is heated up and the internal temperature reaches 50 degrees, it is necessary to turn the heap by the compost turner in time. The more times the heap is turned, the faster the fermentation will be.
4. Fermentation bacteria are not suitable.
Fermentation bacteria are also more critical. Unsuitable bacteria not only fail to ferment successfully, but also have a bad odor, and even produce some miscellaneous bacteria, which is not conducive to the fermentation.
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