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Why organic fertilizer should be decomposed?

The decomposing of organic fertilizer is through the activity of microorganisms, which makes the organic fertilizer change in two aspects. On the one hand, it decomposes the organic matter and increases the effective nutrients in the fertilizer. On the other hand, it makes the organic matter in the fertilizer change from hard to soft, and the texture changes uniformity becomes uniform, and most of the weed seeds, germs and insect eggs are killed during the decomposing process, so that it is more in line with the requirements of agricultural production.

Most of the organic fertilizers rich in organic matter have slow-acting nutrient forms, and crops cannot directly absorb and utilize them. If unripe organic fertilizers are applied to the soil, they are often decomposed slowly. It will breed weeds and spread germs, insect eggs, etc. Therefore, in agricultural production, the method of stacking is often used to make farmyard manure decompose before application. Decomposition can also make farmyard manure release nutrients, improve fertilizer efficiency, and avoid certain factors that are unfavorable to crops when fertilizers are decomposed in the soil, such as competing with seedlings for water and nutrients or burning seedlings due to high temperature. Therefore, only decomposed organic fertilizers can significantly improve soil properties.
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