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Advantages of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer

  1. Chicken manure fertilizer has omprehensive nutrient and lasing fertilizer effect, and the nutrients needed for different growth stages of the crop are provided.
  2. Chicken manure fertilizer contains a large amount of organic matter, which can enhance the permeability of soil, and is conducive to the growth of crop root system.
  3. Chicken manure fertilizer contains large quantities of beneficial microorganism, which increases organic nit6rogen content of soil, improving the function of phosphorus and potassium in soil.
  4. Chicken manure fertilizer can improve soil structure, reducing the soil pollution caused by harmful substances such as pesticides.
  5. Chicken manure fertilizer has good comprehensive effect, which can not only increase production, but also makes the fruits huge and tasty.

The fermentation technology with decomposition agent is adopted when composting chicken manure. The produced fertilizer contains the medium and trace elements, beneficial bioactive bacteria and a variety of enzymes needed by plants. The activities of biological bacteria in the soil can fix the nitrogen in the air, loose soil, break down the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium cured by long-term use of fertilizers in the soil, thus providing a variety of nutrients.

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