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Factors Influencing Aerobic Composting

Soil Organic Matter

Organic matter is an important factor for the survival and reproduction of microorganisms. The results show that during the high temperature aerobic composting, the range of the content of organic matter that suits for composting is from 20% to 80%. When less than 20%, it is not conductive to microbial reproduction; when more than 80%, excessive organic matter requires too much oxygen, so that the fermentation can not reach aerobic state and produce a stench, and the aerobic composting also can not be finished smoothly.

Organic Fertilizer Starter Culture

Organic fertilizer leavening agent can accelerate the fermentation speed of the heap and rot materials. Adding well decomposed farmyard manure or rotten manure that accounts for 10%-20% of the volume of the raw materials, also can speed up fermentation.


The main function of water in compost is to dissolve organic matter and participate in the metabolism of microorganism; and evaporation will take a lot of heat, which can regulates the temperature of the compost. The moisture content of composting material directly affects the cycle and quality of aerobic composting and even the success. Too low water content is not conductive to the growth of microorganisms, and too high water content will influence the ventilation effect.



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