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Advantages of Collocation from Organic And Inorganic Fertilizer

1. The collocation of organic and inorganic fertilizer can meet the nutrient needs of plants in every growing period.

2. Organic fertilizer can improve the fertilizer efficiency. After the fertilizer is applied to the soil, some nutrients are absorbed by the soil not by the plants. Adding organic fertilizer can reduce the contact surface between fertilizer and soil, thus reducing the proportion of fertilizer by soil. The humus in organic fertilizer has the function of releasing phosphorus and potassium, which can slowly release the fixed nutrients of soil, prolong the fertilizer efficiency of fertilizer and improve the fertilizer utilization rate.

3. Organic fertilizer can store nutrients. Fertilizer application will affect the absorption of nutrients and water, accelerate the loss of nutrients and water. But after mixing the organic and inorganic fertilizer, the collocation can improve the absorption of nutrients and water.

4. Organic fertilizer is the energy of microbial life, and chemical fertilizer is the source of inorganic nutrition for microbial growth and development. The mixture of the two can promote the activities of microorganisms, and then promote the decomposition of fertilizer, increase soil nutrients, and improve soil vitality.

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