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Causes for the String Vibration of Fertilizer Crusher

  1. Installation of hammer. During maintenance and installation, the face of hammer needs to be changed and the hammer needs to be turned around. If only the individual hammer is replaced, then the strong vibration will happen. The solution is changing the face of all the hammers and turning them around.
  2. The weight of the corresponding two groups of hammers is not balanced. When the weight difference of hammer exceeds 5 grams, the strong vibration also will happen. Adjusting the position of the hammers and ensuring that the weight difference between the two groups of hammers does not exceed 5 grams will solve the problem.
  3. The hammer is not flexible enough. If the hammer is stuck too tightly, which will cause the machine to shake violently if the hammer is not shaken off during operation. Under the condition, after stopping the crusher, turn the hammer by hand to make the hammer turn flexibly.
  4. The weight of other parts in the rotor is not balanced. Therefore, checking each part separately and adjust the balance is necessary.
  5. Main shaft bending. When the spindle bends, the fuselage will be tilted, then causing strong vibration. The solution is calibrate or replace spindle.

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