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Adverse Effects of Using Chemical Fertilizer

In agricultural production, people don’t hesitate to use a lot of chemical fertilizer to increase the yield of crops, and the concentration is getting higher and higher. Although the way can maintain a certain increase in production, but year after year, the consequences are extremely serious.

First, soil hardening will lead to poor soil porosity and the decrease of organic matter content, resulting in the loss of living space for numerous biological groups in the soil and ultimately the decrease of soil fertility.

Second, soil hardening makes the capacity of soil storage increasing decline; coupled with the lack of groundwater, the agricultural production will be affected seriously.

Third, soil hardening leads to the decrease of biological populations. At the same time, people try their best to increase the yield, then the application amount and concentration of chemical fertilizer are increased continuously, which will result in the use of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium decrease day by day, only reaching 30%-40%.

Four, A large quantity of chemical fertilizer remaining in the soil continuously permeate deep ground, so that a lot of nitrate and other compounds are formed, causing serious pollution in groundwater. In addition, the residual fertilizer will release nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, which will thin the ozone layer and cause ultraviolet light to affect human health and crop growth, and severely affect the ecological environment.

Five, the use of a large number of chemical fertilizers makes the quality and nutritional value of various crops decline.



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