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Benefits of Dewatering Chicken Manure

  • The dry chicken manure after separation almost has no odor, and can be applied to the soil because of viscosity. The effect of chicken manure organic fertilizer is long and stable, and it not only supplements the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace elements in the soil, but also enriches the organic matter content in the soil and improves the soil hardening caused by the long-term use of chemical fertilizer, which plays the role of activating the soil.
  • Add straw and other materials into dried chicken manure after separation, then mix them by a blender and transport them to the fermentation tank. After that, add organic fertilizer starter to accelerate the rapid temperature rise and fermentation of the materials. After the material reaches a certain  temperature, the compost turner will be used to turn over the materials to make it in full contact with the air, so that the aerobic fermentation can be achieved.
  • Dried chicken manure can also be made into feed pellet, which will be used as bait for fish farming.
  • Using chicken manure dewatering machine can reduce the cost on the construction of biogas digester. For example, a farm that discharges 100 tons of sewage every day, if a solid-liquid separation equipment is used to treat part of the fresh chicken manure, the construction cost of 300 cubic meters anaerobic pond can be reduced.
  • The separated sewage intermittently enters the digester, giving the anaerobic pool a good time to digest, which makes the active bacteria in the pool reproduce more vigorously, improves the content and purity of biogas greatly, and guarantees the working environment of biogas generator.


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