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Bio-organic Fertilizer

Bio-organic fertilizer:It refers to a kind of active microorganisms, a large amount of elemental NPK and rich organic matter, which are composed of specific functional microorganisms and organic materials mainly composed of animal and plant residues and which are harmlessly treated and decomposed. It has many advantages such as pollution-free and nuisanceless, long-lasting fertilizer effect, strong seedling disease resistance, soil improvement, yield improvement, quality improvement, etc., and can overcome the environmental pollution caused by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, ecological damage, soil fertility decline and other disadvantages. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, especially people’s requirements for improving the quality of life, the world is actively developing green agriculture (ecological organic agriculture) to produce safe, pollution-free green food. Chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and other chemicals are required or not used (or limitedly used) in the production of green foods. It requires that the fertilizer must first protect and promote the growth and quality of the applied object; secondly, it does not cause the target to produce and accumulate harmful substances; the third is that it has no adverse effects on the ecological environment. Microbial fertilizers basically conform to the above three principles. In recent years, China has used a variety of bacteria to produce a variety of microbial fertilizers, which can not only reduce agricultural pollution, but also improve the quality of agricultural products.



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