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Contribution of Organic Fertilizer to Agricultural Production

Increase crop yield

Beneficial microorganisms in organic fertilizers use organic matter in the soil to produce secondary metabolites, which contain large amounts of growth-promoting substances. For example, auxin can promote plant elongation; abscisic acid can promote fruit ripening; gibberellin can promote flowering and fruiting, increase flowering number and fruiting rate, increase yield, plumping the fruit and make color tender. It can also be listed early to increase production and revenue.

Reduce nutrient loss and improve fertilizer utilization

The actual utilization rate of chemical fertilizers is only 30% to 45%. Some of the lost fertilizer is decomposed and released into the atmosphere, and part of it is lost with water and soil. Some of it is fixed in the soil and cannot be directly absorbed by plants. When the organic fertilizer is applied, the beneficial soil activities improve the soil structure, increase the soil water retention capacity, and thus reduce the loss of nutrients. In addition, beneficial microbes can dissolve phosphorus and potassium, which can increase the effective utilization rate of fertilizers to more than 50%.



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