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Function of All Kinds of Manure

Chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, rice bran and animal bones, mainly provide nitrogen sources to facilitate microbial action.

Chicken manure is a mixture of feces and urine. It contains a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium, so organic matter decomposes faster. Its utilization rate is 70.

The nutrient content of cow dung is low, the content of cellulose and lignin is high, and it can be applied extensively without composting. Cow dung contains a lot of organic matter which is difficult to decompose and has good effect on improving soil.

The content of organic matter in pig manure is less than that in cow dung, and it decomposes quickly. The content of nitrogen and phosphorus in fertilizer is high, and the utilization ratio of nutrient component of pig manure is 70. It is a valuable organic fertilizer.

The content of organic matter in sheep feces is 24-27%, nitrogen (N) 0.7-0.8%, P (P2O5) 0. 45- 0.6 and potassium (K2O) 0.4 -0.5%. Sheep manure contains more organic matter than other animal manure, and the feces are fine and rich in fertilizer. Sheep manure fever is between horse manure and cow manure, also belongs to hot fertilizer. It can be applied to freeze-resistant crops to increase the ground temperature.



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