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How does the organic fertilizer production line produce high-quality organic fertilizer?

If an organic fertilizer production line produces mediocre organic fertilizers, then this plant is doomed to fail. Today, the organic fertilizer production line manufacturers will tell you how to produce high-quality organic fertilizers and its influencing factors.
1. The effective number of viable bacteria in the organic fertilizer production line. The drying system guarantees the number of viable bacteria. Therefore, the materials used to produce organic fertilizer must be completely fermented and decomposed, and the compost turning machine can help you.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
2. The control of moisture in the production process is a key factor. Too dry makes it difficult for organic fertilizer to play a role in actual production, and excessive humidity is not conducive to storage and use. At the same time, the moisture index and the degree of drying affect the survival period of the bacteria. Our drying system can guarantee the appropriate moisture index.
3. A good formula of raw materials can ensure the effective bacteria number and provide more nutrition for the growth of the crop. Of course, our drying system is to prevent these raw material from being destroyed or changed due to production and processing, so as to ensure the quality of product.
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