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The reason for the sticking of the roller in the double roller extrusion granulator

The roller extrusion granulator will inevitably encounter various problems in the process of use. The most troublesome thing is that the material sticking to the roller during the granulation of the roller extrusion granulator. Following are the reasons and solutions of material sticking to roller:
Reason 1: The raw material contains too much moisture
Solution: Reduce the moisture content of the material.

Reason 2: The pressure strength of the ball billet is not enough
Solution: Reduce the gap between the two rolls of the double roller extrusion granulator, generally controlled between 0.3mm and 1mm.
Reason 3: The surface of the ball billet in the roll extrusion granulator is rough
Solution: Add abrasives and operate the roll extrusion granulator to grind the roll skin.
The granulator is the key equipment in the fertilizer production line. It decides the shape of granules. There are different types of granulators for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. And different granulators can produce different shapes of pellets. Welcome to contact us for details.



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