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How effective is sheep manure organic fertilizer as fertilizer?

1. Improve soil fertility
The beneficial microorganisms in the sheep organic fertilizer can inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria, so that less pesticides can be used. In addition, the continuous application of sheep manure organic fertilizer can effectively inhibit the harmful organisms in the soil. At the same time, various active enzymes secreted by the digestive tract and various enzymes produced by microorganisms in the sheep manure organic fertilizer can greatly improve the enzyme activity of the soil.
2. Enhance the ability of crops to resist disease, drought and waterlogging
Sheep manure organic fertilizer contains vitamins, natural antibiotics, etc., which can enhance the resistance of crops and reduce or prevent the occurrence of diseases. After the sheep manure organic fertilizer is applied to the soil, it can enhance the water storage capacity of the soil, and in the case of drought, it can enhance the drought resistance of crops. At the same time, sheep manure organic fertilizer can also loosen the soil, improve the ecological environment of crop roots, promote root growth, enhance root vitality, improve crop waterlogging tolerance, reduce plant mortality, and improve the survival rate of agricultural products.

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3. Improve soil salinity
Goat manure organic fertilizer has undergone a strict fermentation process, and its pH value remains neutral, which has a significant improvement effect on moderately and severely saline-alkali land. If it is used continuously for several years, the degree of salinity will be greatly reduced.
Sheep manure must be fermented successfully before it is organic fertilizer. If it is not fermented, or if it is not fermented successfully, it cannot be applied to crops, and it will not have the above advantages and effects. On the contrary, it will cause burning seedlings.
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