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What equipment is needed for organic fertilizer fermentation?

In the production process of organic fertilizer, we must first consider the problem of fermentation and decomposing of raw materials. We all know that the organic matter that is not decomposed is seriously harmful. The following is about the equipment that is needed in the fermentation process.
1. Forklift
The forklift is the necessary equipment for large and medium-sized organic fertilizer production enterprises. It is mainly used for the transfer and stacking of organic materials during fermentation.
2. Turning machine
This equipment is mainly used to supply oxygen to organic materials and fermentation strains under aerobic fermentation conditions. It can promote full decomposing and dehydration of fermentation, which prepare for subsequent processing. There are two types:
Groove type fermentation mode: Build two walls on the flat ground to form a fermentation groove, and then feed the materials for fermentation. The equipment required at this stage is a groove type compost turner. The width of the groove varies from 2.5 to 5 meters. The turning depth is from 0.8-1.5 meters and the length of 50 to 100 meters is acceptable. The Further design can be done according to the actual situation.

crawler type compost turner
Ground strip stacking fermentation mode: First, you should make raw materials into piles with the heighth of 0.6-1.8 meters, the width of 2.3-3 meters on the ground. And there is no limited for length. Then you need a crawler type compost turner to turn.The wet and dry materials can be mixed evenly. Even if there are many large pieces in the pile, they can be easily broken up for composting. Fermentation creates an ideal fermentation shape. After the fermenter is turned over, the original solid pile becomes fluffy and elastic, which is an ideal greenhouse for fermentation microorganisms.
There are many types of fermentation equipment, and different equipment plans need to be formulated according to the different materials and capacity. Welcome to contact us for specific information.



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