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How much is a set of organic fertilizer equipment?

There are many organic fertilizer equipment on the market, and the quotations are also different. Here, we cannot give a clear quotation, because the price of organic fertilizer equipment is affected by the following factors:
1.Marketing plan
The marketing plans launched every quarter are different, and the discounts for organic fertilizer equipment are also different, so the equipment quotations received by customers are also different.

2. Equipment model
The specifications and materials of the equipment produced are different, and the cost of the machine is also different. Therefore, the price of the corresponding equipment is also high and low. For organic fertilizer equipment of different output, the floor space is also different.
3. Other factors
In different periods, some factors will also affect the quotation of the equipment, such as the degree of market competition, the overall economic status,and the cost of steel.
Therefore, the cost of a specific set of organic fertilizer equipment needs to be determined according to different situations. Welcome to contact us for details.



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