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What are the common organic fertilizer processing equipment?

1. Solid-liquid separator: It’s to separate the excess water in the raw material.
2. Fermentation compost turning machine: Turning and throwing the raw materials to control the uniformity of the fermentation and the temperature of the raw materials during fermentation.
3. Semi-wet material crusher: It can finely pulverize the fermented raw materials to meet the requirements of granulation.
4. Horizontal mixer: According to the formula requirements, the auxiliary materials and raw materials are fully stirred and fused to make the nutrients more uniform.
5. Organic fertilizer granulator: The mixed raw materials are made into predetermined granular organic fertilizer by using granulator equipment.
6. Organic fertilizer dryer: The dryer can dry the excess water in the granular organic fertilizer below 15%, which is convenient to store and improve the strength of granules.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line
7. Organic fertilizer cooler: The temperature of the dried granular organic fertilizer is very high, and the granules are cooled in time and quickly shape them.
8. Organic fertilizer screening machine: Use the sieving machine to screen out some unqualified particles to rebuild, and keep the qualified particles into the next process.
9. Organic fertilizer coating machine: Coat a layer of coating agent evenly on the surface of the particles to increase the strength of the particles, which can increase the brightness and fullness. And it is more conducive to storage.
10. Organic fertilizer packaging machine: It uses an automatic quantitative packaging machine to pack the granules into bags.
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