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How much is an organic fertilizer granulation equipment?

There are powdery organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer. In the market, granular organic fertilizers are more expensive than powdered organic fertilizers. That is because the weight of granular fertilizer is appropriate and it is not easy to be scattered by the wind. Granular organic fertilizers are not as susceptible to moisture and agglomeration as powdered fertilizers and are more convenient to apply. Some inorganic ingredients can also be added during granulation to improve the efficiency of fertilizer. The following are the common granulation equipment.
1. Rotary drum churning granulator
Rotary drum churning granulator is also known as special granulator for organic fertilizer. The outer shell is made of thickened spiral steel pipe, which is strong and durable. The inner lining is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life. The rotary drum churning granulator does not need to add a binder when granulating. The force of high-speed rotating mechanical stirring and the resulting aerodynamic are used to continuously mix and make the fine powder fertilizer into granules in the machine.

2. Disc granulator
The disc granulator is also called the ball disc, which adopts the overall arc structure. And the rate of granulation can reach more than 93%. Our disc granulator has three discharge ports, which can improve efficiency of labor. Flexible belt transmission is used between the reducer and the motor, which can start smoothly and reduce the impact force of the buffer. It has a protective effect on the disc granulator. Disc granulator is one of the ideal equipment for fertilizer granulation.
3. Rotary drum granulator
The rotary drum granulator is different from other granulating equipment. The rotary drum granulator is a molding machine that can make materials into a specific shape. The method of granulation is agglomerate wet granulation. After adjusting the humidity of the basic fertilizer by a certain amount of water or steam in the drum, the material is extruded and agglomerated into a sphere by means of the rotating movement of the drum. The rotary drum granulator is suitable for cold and hot organic fertilizer granulation and high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer granulation.
The above three types of granulation equipment are commonly used in fertilizer granulation. Different types of granulation equipment can also be customized according to different needs. Therefore, the price is different. It is recommended that you contact us for consulting when purchasing.



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