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The advantages of BB fertilizer production line

BB fertilizer equipment is abbreviated as blending mixer. The whole automatic bulk blending fertilizer production line mainly includes automatic batching system, blending fertilizer equipment and automatic packaging machine. This equipment is suitable for dry blending fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers through physical methods to make blended fertilizers (BB fertilizers). It can complete the preparation of 3-6 kinds of materials according to different crops and soil conditions in different regions and modify the formula to produce different BB fertilizer products.
The complete set of fully automatic fertilizer fertilizer equipment has the advantages of uniform particle size, low moisture content, good particle strength and no agglomeration during storage. The BB fertilizer processing equipment is novel in design and has strong practicability. It mainly improves the feeding system and has high-precision mixing system, storage system rack, electronic control system and so on.

BB Fertilizer Production Line
Product advantages: exquisite appearance, reasonable design, simple operation, accurate measurement.
Product features: high precision, fast speed, low energy consumption and small footprint.
Product configuration: raw material conveying system, batching metering system, material mixing system, product packaging system, high-performance control system.
BB fertilizer production line improves the accuracy of batching. It solves the influence of material characteristics, mechanical vibration, air pressure, voltage fluctuation, cold weather and other factors on the system. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, fast speed, and long service life. It is an ideal choice for BB fertilizer (blended fertilizer) manufacturers.



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