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How to Improve The Crushing Ability of Fertilizer Crusher?

  • Material selection id the core. It is necessary to pay attention to the hardness when selecting materials. The harder the materials are to crush, the more serious the damage to the equipment will be. As a result of damaging equipment, the speed of crushing is slower, and the crushing power is naturally smaller.
  • The humidity of the materials is key. When the moisture content of materials is high, then the materials are easy to adhere inside the crusher, which will cause blockage in the process of delivering materials, thus reducing the crushing capacity. Therefore, reducing the water content of materials before crushing is very necessary, so that the crusher can work better.
  • If the fineness of the materials after crushing is expected to be high, that is the finer the materials are, the smaller the crushing capacity is.
  • Composition of materials. The materials containing more fine powder is not conductive to crushing. Because these fine powders tend to stick and are not easy to transport, so the materials with more fine powder should be screened in advance.
  • The viscosity of materials. It is easier to stick when the viscosity of materials is greater.
  • The wear resistance of the crushing part( hammer head, jaw plate) of the crusher can decide the crushing capacity.


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