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Use Fermentation Cylinder to ferment Chicken Manure

Chicken manure is a relatively high quality organic fertilizer, and the content of its pure nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is about 1.63%, 1.54% and 0.85% respectively. Applying chicken manure directly will cause the plant to burn, so the chicken manure must be thoroughly decomposed before using. At present, the best method for fermenting chicken manure is to use fermentation cylinder.

The fermentation cylinder can speed up fermentation, and the chicken manure produced didn’t smell at all. The high temperature produced by fermentation can kill some bacteria and pests, and the organic fertilizer can be directly returned to the field for use. Fermentation cylinder occupies a very small area, in addition to feeding and taking materials, other processes are operated automatically, which saves a lot of manpower.

When fermenting chicken manure, the moisture content is generally in 60%-70%. Beside being involved in microbial metabolism, water also takes away heat as it evaporates, playing a role of regulating composting temperature.

The heat change inside the fermentation cylinder will be carried out by electric energy, then the temperature will rise, so as to reduce the water content to below 15%, kill all microorganisms & worms & eggs, prevent bacterial decomposition and odor, and make the materials easy to store and transport.

The fermenting bacteria in the fermentation cylinder can break down organic matter and release heat, which raises the temperature of the manure. On the one hand, the high temperature for a long time can kill the eggs, pathogens, parasites, etc. On the other hand, the temperature of chicken manure is in the range that can ensure the metabolism of thermophiles to reach the most vigorous temperature, the fermentation efficiency can be maximized. The temperature can be controlled at about 60℃.



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