Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Temperature Requirements on Operation of Organic Fertilizer Equipment

Before starting, the preliminary temperature adjustment has been made for the equipment. In the subsequent production process, the specific method for treating different materials should be according to their characteristics. Therefore, it needs to be warmed up after starting up, and different materials has different requirements on temperature.

During normal operation, the temperature of machine should be stable, not high or low. The temperature should be kept around 200℃ from the air vent to the nose. Under the temperature, it is generally possible to have a good treatment for most materials. Since the components of the new equipment have not been run in, it is necessary to heat up the equipment for the first starting up, and generally the required time is 40-50 minutes. When the motor triangle can be pulled freely, the temperature is raised to a required standard. Then pull the motor 8-10 minutes continuously according to the normal working. Later, continue to heat up for about 10 minutes. When the power supply of the main engine is cut off, the plug of equipment head (with wrench) must be removed. Warm up separately before the next use.

The whole set of organic fertilizer production equipment belongs to heavy machinery, so when operating the corresponding operation process and production matters must be strictly observed to ensure safety and effective production.



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