Shunxin Fertilizer Machine & Production Line

Turn Poultry and Livestock Manure into Organic Fertilizer

Ratio of raw materials per ton

  500kg of cow manure + 300kg of pig manure + 200kg of bacterial residue + 50g of bacterial species ( Cow manure and pig manure can also be replaced by other livestock and poultry manure )

  Ingredients: When the humidity of livestock and poultry manure is high, appropriate straw, rice husk, cake and other materials with low water content can be added.

Compost pile

  After mixing the raw materials according to ratio, build compost pile as required. The length of pile is not limited, the width is 2 meters, and the height is 1 meter or so.

Add bacterial species

  Mix bacterial species and bacterial residue in a ratio of 1:5. Generally, 1kg bacterial species can ferment 10-20 tons of manure and straw. In the case of large scale fermentation, the double roller horizontal mixer can be mixed.


  Groove type compost turner is used to turn the pile. When the temperature rises above 55℃, turn the pile every 1-2 days. After fermenting the materials for 10-15 days, fold up the pile.


Fermented materials can not be sold directly, because long-term stacking will cause caking, so it is necessary to crush the materials.


A uniform and consistent fertilizer pellet/powder can be obtained by re-screening.


The organic fertilizer can be directly put into storage and sold after being processed by automatic packing scale.



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