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Skills for Choosing Suitable Chicken Manure Dryer

As the awareness of environment protection and energy saving goes deep into all industries, the spring of organic fertilizer market also follows. Today we will introduce some skills for selecting chicken manure dryer.

  1. The specific moisture content of chicken manure and the drying amount of finished products are determinant, and it is not accurate to pay attention to evaporation only.
  2. After choosing a suitable chicken manure dryer, it is necessary to choose the relative model of fan, cyclone dust collector, fan closure, etc.
  3. Material and thickness of chicken manure dryer. When the dryer is working, if the materials and thickness are not appropriate, the service life will be affected and it will be corroded very early.
  4. Construction of hot air furnace. Because of heavy weight of the hot blast furnace, generally the hot blast furnace weighs about 20 tons, so it is very troublesome in transportation. Many manufacturers will let customers build their own hot air furnace, so pay attention to the selection of refractory materials and fire separation measures for organic fertilizer equipment.
  5. Due to the high temperature of the front end of the fire cylinder, it is necessary to pay attention to it. Suggestions for the formulation of refractory cement lining: bauxite cement-15%, low fine lead powder-15%, high temperature stone (aggregate) – 70%.


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