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How to Maintain Organic Fertilizer Equipment in Rainy Season?

There is more rain in autumn, and when encountered continuous rainy weather, organic fertilizer equipment, especially compost turner, is more susceptible. Due to the fermentation is in the open or humid environment, so the equipment, so the equipment will rust or their parts will age. Therefore, for these problems, we provide some good advice.

Prevent iron parts from rusting. Most parts of the organic fertilizer equipment are made of iron, then these parts are easy to rust because of poor storage, which will reduce the service life of the equipment. In order to prevent the occurrence of such a situation, these parts should be removed, coated with anti-rust paint and stored in a ventilated and dry place.

Prevent rubber parts from aging. The rubber parts of fertilizer equipment is easy to age and produce cracks when they are damp or stained with oil, so that the service life will also be reduced. Therefore, like moving type compost turner, its tires should be off the ground when it is not in use.

Protect the motor from moisture. The motor should be kept in a ventilated, dry, and clean warehouse when it will be not used for a long time. When the motor is exposed to moisture, then its insulation performance will decrease, which will result in short circuit, leakage of electricity, or coil burning.



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