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Introduction of Screw Extrusion Solid-liquid Separator

We found that doing the solid-liquid separation of animal manure can not only solve the problem of excrement  setting in biogas digester, greatly enhancing its handling ability, but also greatly reduce the construction area of biogas digester and biochemical pond. Biogas slurry can also be used as raw materials to be sold to organic fertilizer plant, then social benefits and economic benefits both can be obtained.

The machine can be used for the separation of animal manure from intensive livestock farms, distiller’s grains, drug residue, starch residue, sauce residue, and other high concentration organic wastewater. When directly taking animal manure as raw materials for making organic fertilizer, the water content is high, which is not conductive to the fermentation of raw materials, so the solid-liquid separation should also be carried out.

Advantages of solid-liquid separator

  1. The separation speed of slag liquid is fast, the water content of the separated sludge is between 50%-60%, and the amount of slag and water content can be adjusted.
  2. The separator has strong decontamination ability and no clogging, and is easy to be cleaned.
  3. The frame, screen frame and screen mesh of the machine are made of stainless steel and treated with corrosion protection, so the separator is corrosion resistant.
  4. The separator has high automatization, low power consumption and low price.


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