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How to Process Straw into Fertilizer?

Crushing & Mixing

First the straw should be crushed to a certain fineness, and then an appropriate amount of raw materials such as poultry manure or sludge will be added to adjust the carbon nitrongen ratio and water content. Adding strains and enzymes is also possible.


  1. Primary fermentation. It can be carried out in the open air or a fermentation plant. Oxygen is supplied to the accumulation layer or to the fermentation unit by turning over forced ventilation. The main fermentation period of aerobic compost is about 3-10 days.
  2. After fermentation. The undecomposed organic matter which is easy to decompose and difficult to decompose in the main fermentation process will be further decomposed to make it become stable organic matter such as humic acid and amino acid, so as to obtain completely decomposed organic fertilizer products. The after fermentation period is about 20-30 days.

Further Processing

It can be further dried and crushed according to the needs, and then processed into organic and inorganic compound fertilizer for crops.



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